Extra Large Terry TOWELS

The first towels at TOWEL are made of Terry due to the cult classic that it is but now in a larger size and range. This fabrication has been around for just over a hundred years and you can find a Terry towel in most American homes. Terry has many benefits including, absorbency, durability, quick drying, fiber variety, ease of manufacturing and beyond. To take it one step further I’m here to explain to you that Terry actually comes in many different weaves. The weave is the way a towel is made on a loom or machinery. The Terry weave is made up of many tiny loops and squish together to create a soft plush and absorbent surface. These loops can be made of a variety of yarns, textures and patterns. The Terry I chose for our initial everyday towels was an Important decision due to the extra largeness of the towel and how that would act when wet. The larger the towel the heavier it will be when wet due to the absorbent function of a towel. The traditional use of a bath towel is after all to dry off after a bath or shower. I also knew that I wanted our towels to be soft, plush and durable. This meant that I needed a loop that would take up space and also have a good resilience (bounce back) and this makes for a plush and fluffy towel. You can imagine if you made your towel out of a scratchy, stiff fiber then the towel itself would feel scratchy and stiff. This is why I chose combed cotton which is named after its combed composition, which combs out impurities. Combed fibers allow for a smoother, softer structure. We chose combed cotton as the yarns content due to its absorption, natural properties, and softness. I want you to be able to switch out your current towels and feel like you have upgraded not only with a larger size but also with a luxurious feeling. Terry is just the beginning for TOWEL. We plan to utilize more fabrications and fibers in the future and hope to increase choices with sustainability in mind.

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