Virgie Tovar spotlighted us on

Virgie Tovar, author and activist interviewed TOWEL founder Mary Carney. The article was featured in the Forbes Women in Leadership section and was a true honor for Mary. Virgie spoke about the disparity within the TOWEL Market for the plus size community and what TOWEL is doing to change that.

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BUST Magazine Winter Print 2023

BUST Magazine features TOWEL in their Winter 2023 print edition. We are honored to be included by the inclusive feminist lifestyle publication. The exclusive is seen in the Real Life section. This “Good to Know” feature showcases Tips and tidbits for making life better. TOWEL sure does this. Author, Lisa Butterworth says; “One size fits all doesn’t apply to towels any more that it does clothes.” We definitely agree.

TORONTO LIFE Gift Guide 2023

Featured in the well suited “Self Care” section, Toronto Life calls out the frustration of towels that don’t go the distance. Canada has many TOWEL lovers and we can’t wait to see more enjoy TOWEL on a daily basis.

Kickstarter : Projects We Love

Kickstarter awarded us one of their Projects We Love “which is our way of highlighting brilliant examples of creativity. “ This showcased our project across Kickstarter.

We Gained Recognition from DOVE

Dove spotlighted us on their instagram stories connecting viewers across networks and amplifying our voice.